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Crest Whitening Strips UK - Affordable and Effective Teeth Whitening Strips By Crest Whitestrips

Crest Whitestrips is truly the world’s best selling teeth whitening brand! This brand is known the world over for dental hygiene products specifically toothpastes, brushes, electric toothbrushes & floss etc. In many parts of Europe & specifically in the UK, Crest also operates as the brand Oral-B which is also a world leading dental brand.

Crest Teeth Whitening

Crest 3D White is the range of products from Crest which are specifically designed for the aesthetics of dental hygiene, to put simply, the whitening of teeth. It is important to differentiate between a range of products which looks at the aesthetic side of the dental industry, which Euro White can help you with, and the ranges which cater to the basic dental health & hygiene requirements. As much as we love improving our customer’s smiles it is important to keep your gums and oral hygiene dentally healthy.

Crest 3D White teeth whitening products have become the most popular whitening products ever offered by Crest. Crest teeth whitening kits now contain both toothpastes & teeth whitening strips which have been shown to be the most effective whitening products on the market time and time again. Their ease to use and unrivalled effectiveness has given Crest 3D White an unrivalled market share making Crest them the dominant brand. Crest 3D Whitestrips are only available for general sale as otc whitening strips in the USA & Hong Kong, however their popularity has spread all over the world especially in Europe as there are very little alternatives on the market which can rival the effectiveness from Crest 3D White products. This can be put down to strict European peroxide laws which restrict the sale of Crest 3D White teeth whitening strips and toothpastes. As a company which offers several different types of products from different brands we have found peroxide-based products to be one of the most effective ways to get good long lasting results. As a company we will only ever offer a product only when we can offer the guarantee of safety and effectiveness.

In British supermarkets and shops you may find Oral-B 3D White products however these items are nowhere near as effective as the whitening ingredients in Crest 3D White toothpastes & Whitestrips, as they have been severely watered down to meet UK law.

crest beautiful smiles

Crest Whitestrips - Your Guaranteed Teeth Care Product

The Crest 3D White range has been on sale since 2001 and have featured in several Hollywood movies, have many famous fans and endorsers, and are a very common item for the average household bathroom in the USA.

The European promotion of the Crest white strips has really been through word of mouth, in the USA there are large scale promotional campaigns and advertisements boosting the brands profile, as you are able to purchase these in regular stores over there.

You will find that there is no advertising in markets or countries where the products cannot be sold. You will however find the average person will have some knowledge of these strips by Crest, whether this is through a friend or a personal experience, you will always hear a positive view.

This is simply an amazing testament to the effectiveness of the product. There is also the fact of cost; as a general rule, to achieve the same results by going to the dentist, the cost would be at least ten times as much! This would also entail a string of visits to the dentist over a long period of time. The fact that you can use the Crest white strips for 30 minutes in an evening while watching TV and drinking water must definitely be responsible for the promotion that Crest teeth whitening strips have received as the best whitening solution out there. It is quite easy to see how the popularity has grown and grown for Crest Whitestrips UK.

The common view that “Americans have white teeth” is quite probably attributed to the success & popularity of Crest White Strips. This may be the envy of the average British person but it does not have to be this way! Even if this is an unfair and outdated stereotype you can still whiten just as easily as they do over there. These  teeth whitening strips are not available in the supermarket or general store because they are not over-the-counter strips like you would usually be able to find, however you are able to buy Crest teeth whitening strips online for home delivery through our online shop –

Crest Strips were first introduced in 2001 and the range of products has changed a lot over the years. Catering to sensitive teeth and faster treatment times there have been many different whitening kits across the range, however the most consistent product on the market has been the Crest 3D White Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips UK offering professional teeth whitening. This product consistently offers the greatest level of whitening and the best value for money. It has been the main staple product since strips to whiten teeth were first introduced. It offers the best coverage and results can be seen after just 3 days! For a long term gleaming white smile we recommend using Crest white strips every 3-6 months and crest whitening toothpaste. Both products come with a teeth whitening guarantee and is the most effective whitening combination on the market.

Crest Whitestrips - Crest Whitening Strips - Crest Teeth Strips

Crest Whitestrips - Your Simple and Dependable Off-The-Shelf Crest Teeth Strips

Teeth Whitening Kit

Oral-B often has very similar products with exactly the same product title which have had ingredients changed to apply to national laws, for example Oral-B 3D White is a range of teeth whitening products from Oral-B however the items do not contain hydrogen peroxide which is the main whitening ingredient in the Crest 3D White range, therefore the difference in whitening results is not comparable, Oral-B simply does not whiten as good.

We recommend the use of Oral-B products from a dental hygiene point of view however there is no comparison when it comes to whitening teeth. This is why there is a global demand for Crest Whitening products even in countries and areas where the products are not available for sale & are not advertised.

Crest Strips: Advanced Seal Design for Guaranteed Whitening Results

Looking for a teeth whitening product that is guaranteed to work? Crest Whitestrips are designed to hold tight to your teeth while delivering professional-grade whitening results. With advanced seal technology, these whitening strips provide a better grip so you can talk and drink water while you whiten. We examine the entire design of the strips in our detailed article here.

Why You Should Buy Crest Whitening Strips UK From Euro White Online Shop

As you may already know by now making a purchase of Crest Whitestrips UK is not possible in regular stores.[1] Even though this is a highly popular item, regular stores cannot offer it legally. This is why we have made it possible to purchase through our online shop to which we can deliver direct to your home address in the UK. The only difference is the product will be shipped from outside of Europe, this does not take a very long time, normally delivery times are around 3-6 business days once dispatched. We know there are several other online stores offering these products like the giant retailer Amazon, it is important to note the type of products on offer, the reputation of the retailer offering the products and the reviews from previous buyers. A combination of these and several other considerations will make you rely on us for your supplies.

International delivery is relatively fast and we know this is not the normal way to make purchases but it really couldn’t be simpler as we have made our systems very efficient that it is just like making a purchase on any other web store. Regardless of this we make every effort to always be available through live chat, email and phone to help if you have any questions.

As a reputable distributor of dental hygiene products, we have carefully selected the items we offer on Euro White. From a safety point of view, we have very strict criteria from which our treatments are chosen and this range is no different. There are other large companies which offer whitening kits from which we can offer for sale through our sales platforms; including Oral-B however we have chosen home whitening treatments which we are confident enough in that we would use them ourselves. We have a very rigorous selection process and review any product we offer for sale very carefully. We understand health concerns from administering treatments orally and we are genuinely 100% happy to offer the products from our store.

Why can't you buy them in a shop in the UK like Other OTC Whitening Strips?

We have found this to be one of the most troubling issues around the whitening industry in the UK & Europe. Using home whitening kits have been proven to be safe, this is an undisputed fact. This is why you can buy a whole host of home treatments and kits in Boots and other high street stores. In fact Boots normally has a full section or half an aisle dedicated to teeth whitening.

We know European dental regulations have taken a more of an over cautious approach when it comes to regulating the industry and hydrogen peroxide allowed because unfortunately some people will over use them and of course this can cause dental issues. As long as you stick to the guidelines which are included in each pack there are zero safety issues, this has been more than proven in the fact that these whitening strips are the best sold home kit in the world with a plethora of glowing reviews from satisfied repeat users. Now, if we put the safety issues to one side there is one more reason and it is more of a political one, the UK government is protecting an industry which has kept a lot of dental professionals in business and the government have been lobbied by various British dental associations and pressure groups to keep it this way.

Crest Whitening Strips Review: Independent Recommendations

It is very easy to find opinions of products online now, with a simple google search or youtube visit you can often find independent reviewers or bloggers[2] for beauty products and teeth whitening strips are a very popular category within the beauty market.

This probably comes down to a few things which we have already mentioned; users are generally concerned about damaging their teeth, users are often worried about the pain from using a whitening treatment, if the product is easy to use, and essentially if it gives good results. There is no better way to get answers to these questions than from learning from someone who has already used the products hence the reason why there is an explosion of critics offering reviews on Crest Whitestrips. If you do decide to search online for reviews you will quickly see that the reviewers have overwhelmingly given a positive opinion of strips for teeth whitening.

As we are talking about such a large brand it is not only bloggers and the like who offer reviews but also larger media outlets for instance; beauty magazines, radio, TV, shopping critics, superstores etc.

It really is a testament to the products that such high profile critics are willing to endorse the brand. It really means a lot as they would not want to risk putting their own brand name at stake for a false endorsement.

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

Crest teeth whitening toothpastes are very effective and offer abrasive whitening which can be helpful if you suffer from sensitive teeth. 3D White toothpastes from crest are not available in the UK just as the whitening strip products are not available. The Oral-B products on offer in retail stores are not comparable to Crest toothpastes as the whitening ingredients are not the same.

Whitening toothpastes in this range have received excellent reviews from our customers and independent review companies. As far as regular whitening toothpaste goes, the Crest 3D White Brilliance range is the best on the market. However, you have to be realistic. A whitening toothpaste will only whiten a few shades at best. We highly recommend purchasing toothpastes and strips together.

As part of the 3D White range, whitening is central to the umbrella of products available and normal toothpastes are not specifically designed for whitening, they can offer this as a secondary feature however toothpastes are designed for other hygienic purposes; to stop oral diseases and infections and provide fluoride to stop tooth decay are the main responsibilities of a good toothpaste.

The revolutionary Crest 3D White Brilliance 2 Step System is a two-part whitening daily toothpaste which effectively takes care of all the properties which normal toothpaste should and in the second step whitens teeth. This is especially effective due to the teeth being more porous and prepared for a whitening treatment by the time you apply the 2nd step. Products like this are very effective and guarantee a long lasting white smile, something which is not normally very easy to achieve and are a testament to the huge popularity of the Crest 3D White in the UK.

Crest Whitening Emulsions

In line with Crest's superiority in the dental care products market, there are Crest Whitening Emulsions that promises to be another breakthrough in teeth whitening. It uses a unique formula that helps to remove difficult stains such as those caused by coffee, tea, wine, and smoking. It also comes with a special applicator that is designed to reach hard-to-clean areas in your mouth. We will take an in-depth look at this product in an upcoming comprehensive product page.

Celebrity Fanfare with Sparkling White Beautiful Teeth

There have been a lot of famous faces which have publicly recommended the use of Crest Whitestrips, the one which is most synonymous with the strips is the Colombian singer “Shakira” as she became the global face of Crest 3D White. She headed a host of advertisements and commercials throughout South America in Spanish and North America in English.

They have featured as the main sponsor in the movie “Blades of Glory” featuring Will Ferrell. Other celebrities have included TV host Ellen, the Kardashians, Canadian Olympic Figure Skaters “Sale & Pelletier” plus many many more.

It is quite easy to see why everyone in Hollywood seems to have shiny bright white smiles!

Teeth Whitening Costs

You may be concerned about getting your teeth white but at an affordable price. Several teeth whitening methods are available, some cheaper than others. Here is a breakdown of the cost of various teeth whitening methods:

  • Home Teeth Whitening Kits: The cost of home teeth whitening kits depends on the brand and type of kit you choose.
  • Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products: You can find many whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels and strips for purchase.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening: This method is usually more expensive than at-home methods, but may be worth the investment for faster and longer-lasting results.

In this article, we examine teeth whitening costs in full detail.


British Societies and Associations on Dental Health

British Dental Association

The British Dental Association (BDA) exists to support the dental profession in the United Kingdom. Throughout its history, it has campaigned on members' behalf for both state-funded dental services and for high quality care for patients. We owe it to its strict guidelines for dental treatments and its public-health campaigns which have helped to reduce the prevalence of tooth decay in Britain.

The British Dental Association has previously voiced concerns about the safety of teeth whitening procedures, especially using home teeth whitening products. It is in order to ensure correct product safety information we have published this article on the safety of crest whitening strips.

British Orthodontic Society

The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) is an association which deals with orthodontics in the United Kingdom. It is one of three organisations that represent dentists who specialise in oral health. The other two being: the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS) and the British Dental Association (BDA). The British Orthodontic Society is the only UK organisation representing all disciplines involved in orthodontics: orthodontists, other clinical specialists and scientists, engineers, technicians and administrators.

With regard to teeth whitening strips, the British Orthodontic Society considers this non-invasive cosmetic improvement to be an appropriate aspect of orthodontic treatment.

General Dental Council

The General Dental Council (GDC) is aimed at protecting the general public by ensuring their oral health is protected and promoted. They do this by regulating the dental profession, setting standards for dentists to meet, registering qualified dental professionals and taking action if they fail to maintain high standards. With regard to teeth whitening, the General Dental Council regulates dental professionals with regards to selling, supplying or promoting products that whiten teeth, with emphasis on treatment being carried out safely and ethically.


Where To Buy Crest Whitening Strips UK

This question on where to buy Crest whitening strips UK is very common and continues to trend. We are currently preparing a catalog of the best sites in the UK and all of Europe where you can confidently buy your Crest white strips and dental whitening kit, including Amazon, Crest Official Store, UK Teeth Whitening and our own Euro White Store. 


Why Are Crest Whitening Strips Banned In The UK?

Teeth whitening products are now classified as cosmetics and within Europe (including the United Kingdom) they need to comply with the Cosmetic Regulations EC 1229/2009 that restricts hydrogen peroxide content to 0.1% for over-the-counter products. The high hydrogen peroxide content in Crest products is what makes them significantly more effective  than regular otc whitening strips, yet the remain very safe to use when applied following product directions. Please read our blog article that is an extensive review of the ban on the crest products and the basis for confidence in its continued safe use.

Why Can't I Buy Crest Whitening Strips?

You will not find crest products for purchase over the counter in shops and stores for cosmetic and medical supplies due to restrictions on their sale within the UK. However, we maintain a large inventory of products and can speedily fulfil all orders placed by British residents. We are poised to maintain our reputation of being the reliable shop for searchers of Crest Whitening Strips UK.

Are Teeth Whitening Strips Safe?

This is one of our most common questions when being asked about teeth whitening strips!

Please check our frequently asked questions page and our blog as we have pages dedicated to the safe use of home teeth whitening kits.

In particular Crest Whitestrips have been approved by the FDA and are fully endorsed by the American Dental Association[3] - this is a big statement to the safety and effectiveness of these products for your teeth. The fact is millions of consumers use them every year and the overall consensus is they are completely safe to use, safe for enamel and guarantee remarkable results! The damage hydrogen peroxide is known to cause does not apply to our teeth whitening kit because of the careful product design and manufacture to highest safety standards

How Do You Get The Best Results From Crest Whitestrips?

The simple answer is to follow the whitestrips instructions on how to whiten teeth and general precautions. Please read our ultimate guide on strips, how to use and what to do or not do before and after whitening strips treatment. In that post, we explain how Crest's white strips may not be effective where teeth are fitted with braces or where discolouration is due to ageing. 

What Percentage Of Peroxide Is In Crest Whitestrips?

The hydrogen peroxide composition of crest strips varies from product to product. 

This information is detailed in the product packaging. For example: 

  • Crest Whitestrips Supreme contains 14 percent hydrogen peroxide (14 mg per 100mg)
  • Crest Whitestrips Professional contains 13mg of hydrogen peroxide per 200 mg of gel which is 6.5 percent hydrogen peroxide per strip.

Which Crest Strips Products Are Best?

All our strips are excellent. We only have a good variety of products within this category to accommodate various needs, from very sensitive teeth to less sensitive teeth, with varying percent hydrogen peroxide content. But in every case, once applied as directed, treatment is completely effective and superior whitening is achieved. Crest's white strips vary based on price range, commitment requirement required (number of days to be applied) and strength (determined by percentage composition of hydrogen peroxide). 

Which Is The Strongest Crest Whitening Strip?

If you are aiming at achieving professional-level whitening, the recommended product is the Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects. Formulated with the same enamel-safe ingredients every dentist uses (including peroxide), these strips are guaranteed to remove 14 years of teeth stains and need to be applied once daily for 30 minutes over a 20-day period. Results last up to 12 months. 

How Many Crest Whitestrips Does It Take To See Results?

Each crest whitestrips product is packaged with as many strips as will be required to see effective results and these should be used following the product directions.

  • The Crest 3D White Gentle Routine Strips for Sensitive Teeth contains 28 strips, 14 treatments, one strip each for the top and bottom rows of teeth.
  • Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips contains 40strips, 20 treatments, one strip each for the top and bottom rows of teeth for professional-level teeth whitening
  • Crest 3D White Whitening Strips With Light (crest blue light) contains 1 light and 20 strips, 10 treatments for the best whitening treatment

How To Apply White Strips

We have detailed instructions on how to apply each product in the respective product pages. Click each product link to view details. While our day whitening strips are effective, we always emphasised to follow product directions to obtain maximum results and minimise potential side effects.

What To Do After Taking Off White Whitestrips?

You can drink and you can eat. But take steps to preserve the whiteness of the teeth by following general tips on preventing teeth stains. In our ultimate guide on using the strips, we discuss all the dos and don’ts of teeth whitening treatments and provide tips and useful resources.

Is Whitening Strips Kit Safe While Nursing

In order to know if crest whitestrips are safe during pregnancy or while nursing a new baby, it is necessary to discuss with your dentist and/or medical specialist. There could be peculiar circumstances that affect the answer to this question in your particular case that only your doctor will know.

How Do Teeth Whitening Strips Compare To Professional Dental Whitening

While the professional type of treatment has the advantages such as that the results are produced in the shortest time, they are consistent, and steps are taken to prevent post-procedure sensitivity, strips have become very popular for two key reasons:  there is now a wide range of options that suit different needs yet being by far more budget-friendly[4] because whitening strips price is a fraction of the cost of going to a dentist. In fact, many times you could get a teeth whitening kit at a huge discount. This versatility in meeting various personal needs in addition to fair pricing and ability to be applied at home all make whitening strips the preferred teeth whitening treatment option over professional in-office teeth whitening. The popular whitening strips are fast becoming pro teeth whitening alternatives.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Strips Take To Work?

When whitening strips work depends on the product selected. Whitening effect can be seen as quickly as one day or it may take three days to one week for you to see the effect. In general, upon completion of the whitening treatment following the production directions, you are guaranteed to have your teeth whitened.

How Long Do Whitening Strips Last

Our crest products are so effective that you should expect your teeth whitening treatment to last up to one year before it needs to be repeated. In fact, the Crest 3D White Whitening Strips with Light will give you twice the whitening you can get from a professional treatment and can last up to 36 months!

How long do Crest White Strips last before they expire?

All crest products remain in good condition for up to 24 months from the date of manufacture printed on packaging.

If you are looking for where to buy genuine strips for the typical UK teeth, you have landed on the right store with the fastest shipping times. Please read more on our FAQ page where we have answered many more questions. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback if more clarification is required.


Why Do Teeth Stain?

Teeth become discoloured over time due to a number of factors. Enamel is the outermost layer of your tooth and it’s what gives teeth their natural white colour. Once you reach adulthood, your enamel doesn’t regenerate itself, which means it can become less porous and stained with age. In addition to aging, diet and environment can also play a role in staining.

Foods high in colour such as: carrots, sodas and coffee can cause more stains. Other factors include: medications and lifestyle choices such as smoking or excessive drinking. At-home teeth whitening solutions are aimed at removing this staining.

Glossary of Teeth Whitening Terms

The smile is the most distinctive facial feature. No two people have exactly the same smile . Neither do any two smiles look exactly alike. A person's teeth and gums form an important element in any smile, giving it character and charm. We all know someone with a great smile

Whitening: A treatment done to make teeth whiter by removing stains

Stains: A discolouration on a surface

Discolouration: Any unwanted change in colour or shade of something (such as painting over a wall with fresh paint)

Etching: Usually occurs below or just above the tooth enamel

Enamel: The thin outer layer that protects the tooth root and forms the white colour of the tooth

The roots: The buried part of the tooth that anchors it into bone and provides structure

The crown: The part of the tooth above the surrounding gum tissue and is normally covered with enamel.

Gum: Tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth, it is pinkish in colour due to its blood supply . There are three types of gums: 1) Normal 2) Periodontal 3) Irritated (Swollen, red, bleeding). The normal type will bleed during brushing or flossing but once finished bleeding should stop. Periodontal will not bleed but there may be a little discomfort after flossing or brushing . Irritated will be red/pink; swollen; tender; and maybe some pain after flossing or brushing .

Cavity: This is where tooth decay starts and if left untreated will become a cavity.

Molar: Back teeth; they are bigger than the other teeth and they chew food.

Fluoride: A naturally occurring mineral in water, soil and some foods that helps prevent tooth decay (cavities) by making enamel stronger and more resistant to acid attacks from harmful bacteria. Fluoride also makes it tough for germs to stick on teeth.

Fillings: To protect and strengthen teeth damaged by decay. Fillings, usually made of silver-coloured alloy, are placed in cavities to restore teeth to their proper shape and size and help them function normally again. There are two basic types: amalgam and composite resin fillings .

Root canal: The inside part of the tooth that contains the pulp. If the pulp becomes diseased or injured , an infection can develop that can destroy tissue in the crown of the tooth . A root canal removes all or part of the nerve and blood supply to save a tooth from needing to be pulled. Root canal treatment often is done after a tooth has had a root canal for other reasons, such as decay.

Cuspids/Canines/Eye Teeth: These are pointed teeth that appear at the front of your mouth. They can injure when brushing or flossing so be sure to use gentle motions while cleaning them.


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