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Natural Teeth Whitening

In the past, the only options for teeth whitening seem to of involved strong chemicals or expensive procedures that you could only visit the dentist for. These days there are plenty of at home options that are suitable for everyone. Whether you have sensitive teeth or are wanting a more natural teeth whitening procedure during things like pregnancy, you are sure to find the right choice for you. Our range of natural teeth whitening products are really safe to use and are also cruelty free, chemical free and vegan. Instead of including peroxide as their main whitening ingredient, our natural teeth whitening products contain sodium perborate which works by breaking down as soon as it hits your teeth and creating activated oxygen molecules which lift the stains away. Any stains that are too stubborn to lift are discoloured and brightened to give you a naturally whiter looking smile. Non peroxide teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular, especially in Europe since peroxide based teeth whitening became banned for at home use in 2012. This is because it can include side effects such as tooth sensitivity, gum burns and enamel damage. These side effects are caused because the low PH of the peroxide opens up the tubules in the teeth which makes the teeth sensitive to hot, cold or sweet food and drink. This sensitivity can last upto 4 days after treatment however this does vary from person to person and in some rare cases can damage the teeth permanently. Any natural and vegan teeth whitening will never cause such side effects which makes it a much preferred method to many people with particularly sensitive teeth. Instead of aggressively whitening the teeth quickly, natural teeth whitening products gently lift stains over 7 - 10 days and can be used as often as you like.

Visit the dentist or whiten teeth naturally?

Visiting the dentist was once the only way to get a bright white smile and it was very much to the dentist’s advantage as this was one of the most profitable areas for a dental practise. Getting a price for a teeth bleaching treatment could vary dramatically as prices in richer areas would always be higher. This shows that the person receiving the treatment would be getting the exact same procedure no matter where they went but the price would change, this would generally go to the dental practise and eventually in to the dentist’s back pocket.As with any medical treatment you would have to book an appointment and there generally would be waiting times. The procedure would also take place over several visits which can be very time consuming considering most people have work commitments - making the dental whitening procedure inconvenient.A common complaint with teeth whitening from the dentist is the fact that it is painful, this still applies to the current procedure available. Dental whitening often aims at having a very high concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide applied to teeth over a short period. This would often end up being quite painful for the user. The reason why you would have to make multiple appointments, is because the dentist would have to administer the hydrogen peroxide gel as it is such a high concentrate. To get a desired level of improvement of shade a treatment must be applied multiple times. This is the same process with our natural teeth whitening kits however it can be done a lot simpler in the comfort of your home. The dental whitening procedure was highly regulated and safe even though it may have been painful, luckily we have now been able to take all the knowledge from years of dental whitening and keep the strict regulations but package it in a home teeth whitening kit which can be used easily and is very inexpensive. This really is a lot easier than times gone by and is actually safer too. 
Natural Teeth Whitening Kits which give outstanding results.

How Does natural Teeth Whitening Work?

Natural teeth whitening comes in many forms, one of the most common forms is using a sodium perborate formula, this is the key ingredient in our natural teeth whitening kits. Sodium Perborate works by transforming once making contact in your mouth, this creates activated oxygen molecules which removes the external colouring from the teeth. This gives good coverage when whitening as it works on every kind of discolouration. Any stubborn stains are lifted with continued use to give you a naturally whiter smile with overall coverage. It can be administered in a number of ways but the easiest way is through a teeth whitening pen which can be applied to the front of the teeth by brushing on the gel formula. The Sodium Perborate begins to work on contact with the teeth.

LED Teeth Whitening

Using a sodium perborate based whitening kit is very good at tackling tough stains, but if you want to really enhance the whitening process we highly recommend using a LED treatment light. The light creates an environment which allows your teeth absorb the whitening gel better and give overall better results. We highly recommend using the 5 Cold Blue LED light included in the Snow White teeth whitening kit as it is specifically designed to enhance the whitening process.

Quality Teeth Whitening Kits

Another huge advantage to non peroxide teeth whitening is that is is always much cheaper than any peroxide based home products or dental practice whitening procedures. There are many different natural and vegan teeth whitening kits on the market, however you need to be careful that you are choosing a quality product as there are a lot of cheap imitations that state to whiten teeth in just a few days and in fact don’t seem to lift any staining at all. Our natural teeth whitening products are very reasonably priced, however we do use top quality ingredients so our prices do reflect that compared to some badly made products you can find online. We have a broad and vigorous testing procedure before we accept a teeth whitening kit to be offered for sale through our website. As a company we must be happy to use the product ourselves and results are compared against competing products to be sure we only off the best teeth whitening kits on the market. All our natural teeth whitening kits are made in Europe to ensure a high quality standard and have been checked with CPNP to meet all European safety standards and regulations. These are the highest standards globally, as a retailer of natural teeth whitening kits, we would only accept products which have passed the highest standards. The gels used in our current range of natural teeth whitening products are biodegradable and can actually be eaten.

Vegan Teeth Whitening

As the world is more concerned for its environmental impact more and more people are turning to alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint for the good of the planet. There is a increasing demand for vegan products to reduce carbon footprint and animal welfare reasons. Home whitening kits are no exception, we say if you are able to do it then why, not! Every little counts as we try to move to a fairer world. Our natural teeth whitening products are: cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, chemical free, kosher, halal, natural and all made with in Europe.

Our Recommendations

We have found using the teeth whitening kit correctly and following the procedure on the box can really make the difference when achieving the long lasting results. We have found using the full Snow White kit and the Dual Foam together is an excellent combination which will give excellent overall results and will progressively whiten your teeth safe and naturally. The Snow White Dual Foam is not a replacement for toothpaste however we expect you should use it twice daily after you brush your teeth normally, this will help you get into a good routine with the Dual Foam but also ensures good hygiene and overall oral health.Using the post treatment spray will help protect you from future stains. We have found that when using a teeth whitening kit, if they are not protected from potential stains from everyday life it is very hard to keep the results consistent, they results will fade away and yellowing will start to appear again. The post treatment spray is only available in the full kit but it offers real protection from the environment. Keep the pen on you at all times, the pen is designed to be easy to use and can be carried with you at all times. There is not a maximum amount of times you can use it one day as the formula is completely safe and natural. Using the pen and applying the gel at all times of the day is possible and the whitening effect really happens fast when treat this way.