The Ultimate Guide to Using Whitening Strips

how to use whitening strips

The Ultimate Guide to Using Whitening Strips

Using Whitening Strips correctly


Whitening your teeth can have an amazing impact on your life, but only if you’re doing it right. Here’s our guide on how to get the most from whitening strips.

  According to the Oral Health Foundation, almost half of the population of the United Kingdom are unhappy with their teeth. Of the 48 percent who admitted to being unhappy about their teeth, 64 percent said that they disliked how discoloured their teeth are. Yellowed or otherwise discolored teeth are a serious problem in the UK. From soda and red wine to coffee and sugary treats, it seems as though every food and drink that we enjoy are likely to make this discoloration worse. You could give up your favourite foods and drinks to help keep your teeth whiter. But not only is that tough, but it also may not be completely effective. If your teeth are already discoloured, or if you don’t take proper care of your teeth, they’ll still be discoloured. Instead, you’ll need a whitening treatment to help reverse the damage. You could spend hundreds of dollars visiting a dentist who specialises in whitening treatments. Or, you could save yourself time and money with whitening strips.

Why Whitening Strips are a Great Option

In the United Kingdom alone, several billion dollars is spent each year on dental treatments. Professional whitening treatments can be expensive. Some may be several hundred or even thousands of dollars. They also require many visits to a dentist’s office, which means time off work and money spent on transportation. But Crest whitening strip treatments can be applied in the comfort of your home. You could apply them before bed or in the morning as you get ready for work, and not have to worry about taking time off for treatments. For many people, visits to any kind of doctor are a stressful experience. Dentists are even worse. If your teeth are discoloured, you may be embarrassed to see a dentist. You may worry that they’ll critique your brushing habits or tell you to change your diet. Crest whitening strips make it easy to whiten your teeth on your own. That way the next time you visit a dentist, you won’t have to worry about the appearance of your teeth.

How do you choose the right whitening strip treatment?

Just like there are many different kinds of toothpaste, there are several different whitening strip treatments. If you’re short on time, Crest’s 1 hr Express might be a great choice for you. These whitening strips are left on for an hour. But they provide quick, effective whitening. If you make last minute plans for a date or dinner, or even if you decide that your teeth are looking yellow right before a major event, these can help. If you have a little more time to spend whitening your teeth, other treatments can provide even better whitening results. Those looking for a gentler option for sensitive teeth should try Crest 3D White Gentle Routine. These strips are applied for only five minutes each day, but still provide awesome whitening results that last. Crest whitening strips use the same enamel-safe whitening ingredients that a dentist would use. So you can rest assured that they are safe for your teeth. If you want professional whitening results at a fraction of the cost, try Crest 3D White Professional Effects Luxe-40 Strips. Apply these advanced-seal strips for thirty minutes each day. You’ll see results in three days, and reap the full whitening benefits in 20. The advanced seal allows you to eat and drink while wearing the strips, which makes it easier to fit using whitening strips into your day. You’ll also enjoy the whitening results for up to twelve months after completing a treatment cycle. If you want the advanced seal and great whitening results but at a lower cost, try the Crest 3D White Glamorous White Advanced Vivid strips. Apply these strips and go about your regular routine, and then remove them thirty minutes later. You’ll see results in only a few days. Crest even offers whitening strip treatments that can provide the same whitening results as a $500 professional treatment. These strips are applied for two hours a day, but you’ll see results in one use!

How do you use whitening strips?

One of the best things about whitening strip treatments is how easy they are to use. Unlike at-home whitening treatments that involve trays or gels that have to be carefully applied, whitening strips are easily applied. Once on, you won’t even notice them. This is especially true for Crest’s line of whitening strips with advanced seal. Each whitening strip option comes with packages of strips in slim packages. Each package includes a strip that is applied to your bottom row of teeth and one for the top. Simply peel the strip off of the plastic backing, and align the strip with your teeth. Avoid applying the strips immediately after you have brushed your teeth. This can cause gum irritation. If you forget and brush your teeth, simply wait a while to apply the strips. Once you’ve applied the strip, gently tuck the bottom of the strip around your teeth. Then, apply the other strip. After the strips are applied, it’s a good idea to set a timer so that you’ll remember how long you’ve been wearing them and you’ll know when to take them off. Taking off the strips before the recommended time of wear is up may mean that you won’t get the best possible whitening results. Wearing the whitening strips for too long can sometimes result in tooth sensitivity. After you take off the strips, throw them away. While reusing strips won’t hurt you or your teeth, they also won’t provide any whitening results. Gently brush your teeth after the strips are removed. If you notice that you still have some of the gel left on the surface of your teeth, you can remove it by rinsing your mouth with water, wiping or brushing it off. This gel isn’t harmful, so you can also wait for it to naturally dissolve on its own.

How important is it to stick to a whitening strip treatment schedule?

Missing a whitening strip treatment won’t hurt your teeth or cause your teeth to lose any of the whitening results that you already have. But if you want faster whitening results that last, it’s a good idea to try not to miss more than a day or two while completing a treatment cycle. If you have a big event coming up that you want your teeth to look their best for, such as a wedding or photo session, it’s even more important to stick to a treatment schedule. If you are simply looking to reverse old damage, there is no harm in missing treatments. When you apply the whitening strip treatment each day does not matter. You could apply them in the morning on one day, and during the evening on the next, and you’ll enjoy the same whitening results. You can also use multiple whitening strip treatment options or apply multiple strips in one day. Simply wear the strips as directed, remove them when finished, and apply the next set of strips.

Who should avoid using whitening strip treatments?

While Crest’s whitening strip treatments use safe ingredients to produce natural whitening results, there are some situations in which their use is not recommended. For instance, if you have braces, whitening strips will be impossible to apply, and would not provide whitening benefits to the area covered by the braces. A whitening strip treatment is a great way to whiten your teeth after the braces are removed though. Additional, women who are nursing should check with their doctor before starting any kind of teeth whitening treatment, including whitening strip systems.

How can you get even better whitening results?

Adding a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to your routine after using whitening strips is a great way to get even better whitening results. Crest makes it easy to find the perfect hygiene routine for your teeth. Simply match the toothpaste to the whitening strip system that you are using. For instance, the Crest 3D White Brilliance White and Crest 3D White Glamorous White systems include whitening strips, toothpaste and more to help you get optimal whitening results.

Start Using Whitening Strips Today!

If you’re ready to reverse damage to your teeth and enjoy a brighter, whiter smile, start using a Crest whitening strip treatment today! While Crest isn’t commercially available in the UK, it can be easily ordered from Euro White and shipped right to your door. You can also order toothpaste and more, to help complete your whitening treatment. Crest whitening strip treatments are easy to use, and provide effective, long-lasting results at just a fraction of the cost of professional whitening treatments. Whether you want whiter teeth for a special event in your life or you just want to feel more confident in your smile, whitening strips are a great, easy way to achieve results.

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