Easy & effective ways to keep teeth looking clean with whitening strips

What are the most effective ways to keep your smile looking white & clean?

The idea of smiling should be self contagious & spur of others to smile with you, don’t let a discoloured smile get in the way. Whitening Strips by Crest are trusted by dental professionals to provide reliable and healthy levels of whitening, all with easy to use whitening strips to get that smile back. Crest Whitening strips are by far the best option to keep a clean looking set of pearly whites.

There are other ways also to get sparkling white teeth:-

  1. Choose the correct strips depending on your need
  • A one hour express Crest Whitening strip is suitable for a last minute occasion, we recommend keeping a pack of one hour express in the cupboard in case of emergencies
  • Regular every day whitening strips from Crest are viable for daily usage.
  • For users with sensitive teeth, Gentle Routine Whitening strips are a milder version of strip, for use over a longer period of time.
  1. Try the traditional method advised by dental professionals
  • Brushing teeth twice daily is very important, to get rid of extrinsic stains
  • As we eat a lot of foods which stain teeth throughout the day, we must remember to brush our teeth regularly & use mouthwash after meals
  1. Check your sugar intake
  • Sugar can increase the decaying of teeth.
  • So, it’s important to check the intake of sugary items. A handful of mouthwash bottles can help to flush germs and bacteria.
  • Applying mouthwash after eating chocolate & sugary sweets is very important too.
  1. Use Lemon
  • Lemon is a great source to clean the teeth effectively. Consuming lemon with honey and green tea can soothe pain and also decrease the formation of bacteria that yields to yellow teeth.
  1. Baking soda
  • The soda is mildly abrasive and scrubs away the stains for a whiter shade.
  • Apply it properly and gently as it tastes a little bitter and sour.

Crest Whitening Strips are effective and easier than any methods mentioned above. The strips are one of the most purchased items in health & personal care on Amazon.com and have proven to be very popular worldwide. Many celebrities use them to look good on screen. These strips are highly reliable and affordable.

Social content and social media activity indicates that Crest whitening products are in high demand in 2017. They are completely safe for use and they’re very easy to purchase it online (In fact, purchasing online is the only genuine source to buy from in the UK).

Crest also offers toothpaste and combining the strips with toothpaste can produce great and everlasting results for a fresh and bright smile.

There are a lot of long held beliefs about teeth whitening which do not apply to whitening strips.

1 – Whitening strips are costly

Actually, 3D strips are very much affordable. Crest 3D white collection include toothpaste, rinse, and whitening strips at a very affordable cost.

2- It takes a lot of time

An individual needs to wash the teeth with toothpaste and apply strips regularly. It does not take time. It uses the Advanced Seal technology to allow the strips to form closely around the teeth so that an individual can easily follow the normal routine.

An individual can live a happy life and continue normal activities like taking shower, watching a movie, making dinner, running to the grocery store, and drop the kids off at school with ease.

So, using strips and applying natural methods are the best ways to clean teeth effectively.

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