5 Benefits of Permanent Teeth Whitening

Permanent Teeth Whitening

How’s your grin?

Despite how often we smile, many of us won’t answer this question with a thumbs-up. There are a litany of reasons we might be hesitant to smile, from crooked teeth to generally low self-esteem.

No culprit is bigger than teeth that are stained or yellowing. Coffee drinkers around the globe have known this for decades, if not centuries. Staining your teeth is easier than you think and an efficient way to make you feel bad about your image.

That’s why permanent teeth whitening can be such a powerful procedure. Crest white strips can help you achieve a permanently perfect smile, among many other benefits.

Here are five more to keep in mind.

1. Self-Confidence

If you’re considering permanent teeth whitening, you know how important pearly whites can be. You might know the damaging effects of not being able to flash a set of white teeth.

You think about it when you meet people, and when you brush your teeth. Every time you expose your teeth, a little voice in your head reminds you of the issue.

Holding onto stained teeth can leave quite a negative impact on your psyche. You’re liable to begin obsessing over it, perhaps blowing the issue out of proportion. In this way, the health of your teeth is much like your physical fitness, or a skin condition.

You owe it to yourself to improve your confidence whenever possible. Again, it’s unlikely that all of your friends and family will actually obsess over your teeth if they’re stained.

But they will notice if they are particularly bright and shiny.

2. Improving First Impressions

When we meet new people, a lot more goes into the interaction than we initially realize.

Everything, from your haircut to your outfit to even your smell, can affect someone’s perception of you. Many of these qualities are perceived and presented without us realizing, just below the surface.

Whiter teeth will absolutely influence someone’s perception of you, whether you know them or not.

Smiling creates a perception of dominance, according to today’s psychologists. That doesn’t mean you’ll intimidate those around you (although, if that’s your prerogative, it will now be easier).

The impact will be purely positive. Whiter teeth signal better hygiene in a person. If you project self-care across the room, people will take notice.

Whiter teeth will improve your interactions with new friends or first dates. You’ll seem happier and healthier, which can boost your mental health overall.

And that doesn’t even touch on the financial benefits.

3. Save Money over Time

Imagine you choose to not go through with permanent teeth whitening. A few months from now, you still feel like your teeth aren’t adequately white. So, you’re forced to take another route filled with different options.

Those options could end up hurting your pocket book more than anything else.

Some of your options aren’t a bad deal. If you live in the UK, for example, a basic order of white strips will cost you around sixty-five Euro. That’s many months of whiteness all in one order.

But other impermanent ideas start to add up, quickly. As you remain unsatisfied with the state of your teeth, you’ll turn to more and more drastic choices to make your teeth as white as can be.

If you’re really feeling pressure to whiten your teeth, you might invest in some expensive whitening toothpaste. Even one bottle of some brands aren’t cheap: one recent release costs teeth-brushers one hundred dollars a tube.

This isn’t even an option for many people. But if it is for you, as the months go by, and you invest in the same toothpaste, costs will start to number in the hundreds, if not thousands.

It’s an important investment to be able to smile confidently. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be ready for a close-up without doling out excess cash.

4. Be Camera-Ready

In the age of social media, photo opportunities are all around us.

Over seven hundred million people use Instagram every month. It’s likely that your friends and family are all over it and other social media platforms.

Whether you like it or not, it’s better to be prepared to smile and leave a good impression. If you have brown or yellow teeth, this puts you in an uncomfortable position. The close-mouthed smile is not easy to pull off.

Plus, not smiling at all is the strangest choice there is. But if you had undergone permanent teeth whitening, you wouldn’t even think about it.

You’ll be able to smile, mouth wide as can be, for all those photos you and your family and friends post on social media. Instead of being a cause of anxiety, you can start to think about looking good.

The change won’t only be mental.

5. Permanent Teeth Whitening Means Better Health

When you get a sharp haircut, you might want to put on an outfit that’s equally sharp. The same effect happens when you whiten your teeth.

If you’re walking around with white teeth, you understand the benefit it brings you. That means you’ll do everything in your power to keep their cleanness intact. The impact will also be felt in other ways.

With white teeth, you’ll feel motivated to improve other parts of your appearance. Maybe you’ll hop on the treadmill or eat a few more vegetables. Or, you might end up making sure you get your beauty sleep.

You’ll be looking at a general health boost if you’re willing to put in the effort. It’ll come much easier with white teeth.

It’s Time to Smile Again

Do you know how permanent teeth whitening works?

You might think that with such a wide range of benefits, the process must be complex. Think again.

The procedure is an efficient and affordable solution to stained teeth colouring. All it takes is a few hours to enter a world of confidence and calmness, rooted in your pearly smile.

If you’re feeling ready to try whitening, there’s no better option than Crest white strips.

Reach out to a team member to learn more about how white strips can improve your life. The perfect smile is within reach. Why not go for it?

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