The 7 Best Home Teeth Whitening Kits of 2017

Best home teeth whitening kits UK

Have you spent countless hours scouring the internet for an effective DIY teeth whitening solution?

Maybe you’ve had so many dentist appointments and treatments that damaged your teeth enamel and you want a less invasive procedure.

People in the UK spend as much as £5.8 billion a year on dental treatments. But sometimes, the results are less than impressive. So you’re left unhappy and with an empty pocket.

Then, you resort to homemade solutions like baking soda and lemon paste. And while this concoction may brighten your teeth a little, it won’t make them pearly white. Also, using it too often can even be corrosive for your teeth.

Luckily, there’s an affordable, simple and easy solution you can do at home using teeth whitening kits.

In this article, we’re reviewing the 7 best home teeth whitening kits for 2017. Keep reading to learn more and how to find the most suitable kit for your needs.

The 7 Best Home Teeth Whitening Kits

There are many types of teeth whitening products on the market for home use. They come as gels, strips, mouth trays or pens. But not all of them are of high quality and as effective as promised on the packaging.

So we collected the 7 best kits to help you make the right choice and enjoy your white teeth and bright smile.

1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects

Crest teeth whitening strips are a staple among the home teeth whitening kits. There are a lot of varieties, but one of their best products is the Crest 3D White Professional Effects.

This particular type comes in a package of 40 strips to be used for 20 consecutive days. The strips have a special no-slip technology, so you can be sure they won’t fall out.

You use two strips at a time (one for your bottom and one for your top teeth) and keep them on for 30 minutes.

This kit promises to remove teeth stains that are up to 14 years old. The main whitening ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, found in professional dentist whitening treatments and commercial mouthwashes.

2. Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster

Another simple and easy home whitening treatment is the Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster.

While we know Arm & Hammer for their other household products, this particular one is very popular because it’s so easy to use.

The main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. To use, you mix the product with your toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual. This way, the peroxide won’t damage your teeth enamel and you won’t need to carve out extra time to apply it.

3. GLO Science Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

This teeth whitening kit is similar to a whitening procedure you’d get at your dentist’s office.

At first, it may seem a little challenging to use, but you quickly get the hold of it.

To start, you apply the GLO lip balm that’s included in the kit. Then, with the special brush added in the kit, you add a layer of the whitening gel to your teeth.

Next comes the mouth tray (with an attached LED light) that you place on your teeth. The entire whitening procedure lasts 8 minutes and you’ll know it’s time to remove the mouthpiece when the LED light turns off.

The main whitening agent in this kit is hydrogen peroxide and its effect is amplified by the LED light and the heat it produces.

Repeat the process 3-4 times a day for 5 consecutive days for best results.

4. Calily Life Teeth Whitening Kit

The Calily Life kit it is slightly different than other home teeth whitening kits because of its innovative formula. It contains 44% Carbamide Peroxide as its main whitening agent and comes in 30 full treatments, a whitening gel, and two mouth trays.

In addition to the main whitening products, the kit also contains vitamin E swabs, an oxidation LED light, a remineralization gel, and a desensitization gel. The gels will help your teeth enamel retain its strength and the LED light will speed up the whitening process.

Follow the instructions on the packaging for best results.

5. Truewhite Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel System

This teeth whitening kit is a popular choice because it comes with two mouth trays and a double-size whitening gel.

You’ll also get 10 application syringes and a LED light to accelerate the whitening.

It’s easy to use and you can share it with someone you love. The company promises visible results even after the first treatment.

The system is specifically designed to take care of your teeth and reduce sensitivity after using it.

6. Shine Whitening Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System

Hydrogen peroxide is the main whitening agent in almost all home teeth whitening kits.

But the Shine Whitening Zero Peroxide system is a good alternative for people with sensitive teeth and gums who can’t use hydrogen peroxide.

The kit contains a whitening gel with herbal ingredients, a LED light to help speed up the process and a mouth tray.

To use, you add the gel into the tray and place it on your teeth. Then, you insert the LED light to speed up the process.

Use it two times a day for 15 minutes until you reach the desired results.

7. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

The AuraGlow kit makes the list because it uses UV light to speed up the whitening.

The package contains a whitening gel that you should add to a mouth tray and a LED 5-bulb UV light.

For best results, you should apply the mouth tray with the gel and then place the LED light in your mouth positioned in front of your teeth. Keep the gel for 30 minutes a day. The LED light will beep when it’s done its work so you can remove it.

Bottom Line

In a sea of so many home teeth whitening kits, it’s sometimes hard to select the best ones.

We at Crest Whitestrips Direct offer a large selection of the best whitening strips in the world known for their effectiveness and ease of use.

Find out more about Crest Whitestrips and take the first step towards a beautiful, Hollywood-white smile today.

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