Never completely dressed without a professional smile

professional teeth whitening

Never completely dressed without a professional smile


A professional appearance not only includes formal attire, but also sophisticated body language along with a natural facial expression. With respect to facial expressions, most corporate organizations require their employees to greet their clients and seniors with a smile, conversations need to be polite with a smile on your face. In a precise manner, the professional getup can never be complete without a confident smile. A confident smile needs a clean and flawless denture set. In order to have a perfect or presentable smile, you need white teeth, its the most important part and that’s where the teeth whitening process comes in.


How staining begins


There are several people who question why one needs teeth whitening process for a beautiful and elegant smile. We all begin our life with normal white teeth blessed by the porcelain kind enamel surface that covers them. Every single tooth in a oral cavity is composed of some very microscopic crystalline rods, tooth enamel actually does the job of protecting the inner teeth from the harsh effects of trauma, gnashing, chewing, and acid attacks that occur due to spicy food, sugar, smoking, pollution, and other such stuff. However, as time passes the enamel starts wearing out and gets more transparent giving way out to the yellow colour of dentin which happens to be the core material of your tooth. The regular chewing process causes millions of micro-cracks in the enamel whose effect comes to light after years of usage. Under normal conditions teeth may seem intact initially, but with time their life-span keeps decreasing. Eventually these cracks start filling up with debris leading to loss of shine and development of a dull and lackluster look.


A proper teeth whitening process would ensure timely removal of debris and stains, leaving the enamel cracks exposed and open. The rest is done by saliva that re-mineralizes some of these cracks quickly while the rest get filled with organic debris again. Due to deposition of debris, the tooth faces two types of tooth stains, the extrinsic and intrinsic ones.


Extrinsic Stains


The extrinsic stains are caused by tobacco, food, or dark-coloured beverages or the everyday wear and tear. These are mostly superficial stains that can be removed with regular brushing. However, if the person chooses to stay careless about these, it will penetrate the inner layers of enamel and get ingrained.


Intrinsic Stains


The intrinsic stains, on the other hand, are the ones that are found on the inner side of teeth. These result from aging, trauma, unwanted exposure to minerals, or excessive ingestion of fluoride. Previously, doctors were of the opinion that intrinsic stains could not be corrected with bleaching or other related processes. However, the dentistry has gone to a level that even the inner most stains can be removed with take-home kits. These really help in maintaining the whiteness of teeth for years. In case, these fail one can always go for other cosmetic solutions that can easily take care of the internal level stains.


What you can do


There are several options available with respect to teeth whitening these days. One can use teeth whitening strips or follow the in-office whitening process or even go for the take-home whitening kits, Crest Whitening strips, for examples have come up as the most viable solution for teeth whitening. They offer a wide range of these products that vary as per their effectiveness and requirement. Visit the web store today.

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